& Vergi Dahil

Menşei: Chına

Length: 40 cm

Measure: 8×8 mm

It ensures physical and spiritual balance.
It helps to prepare the infrastructure necessary for creativity.
It supports willpower in the process of quitting substance addiction.
It is effective against depression.
It allows storing solar energy.
It is effective against drowsiness and fatigue.
It is a stone that directly interacts with the vein. Therefore, it causes the body to warm up.
It helps focus on inspiration.
It is good against asthma.
It is good against digestive system disorders.
It is effective in relieving headaches.
It balances the energies.
It is a stone of strength and courage.
It allows you to be successful in your trading life.
It is effective against the feeling of jealousy caused by lack of self-confidence.


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