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It was founded in the second half of 2005 with a vision that includes different and universal elements. With the values ​​it has, it has achieved an increasing performance momentum and grown day by day. It continues to progress as a very important brand in the sector. In addition to pearls, silver, semi-precious and natural stones, it also sells materials and accessories. Our company, which closely follows world fashion, responds to demands in the best way with its continuous market research. It continues on its way by strengthening its international activities day by day with its participation and visits to international fairs. Our company serves many sectors in the field of import-export and domestic sales with its rich product range and sales methods focused on high customer satisfaction. Its reliability and indispensability has been proven with its domestic and international customer portfolio.

We continue on our way, looking to the future with hope, with the strength and confidence we receive from you…

About us

How it all started

Seibu silver stone

Our company’s roots trace back to a passion and a vision. In the latter half of 2005, we embarked on a journey driven by a deep love and fascination for the enchanting world of natural stones and precious metals. This journey started with the dream of leaving a mark in the world of universal beauty.

The founders of our company came together with a shared desire to share this unique treasure that nature had bestowed upon us with a wider audience. The allure of pearls, the elegance of silver, the magic of semi-precious stones, and the power of natural stones, which are a reflection of nature's own artistry, captivated us. And this enchantment turned into a business when we connected with you, our valued customers.

We started to keep a close eye on global fashion trends to best meet the demands of our customers. By participating in international fairs and visiting industry leaders abroad, we found opportunities to improve ourselves and stay in tune with innovations.

Today, we continue our journey in the magical world of natural stones and precious metals. We can sincerely say that, with the strength and trust we receive from you, we look to the future with hope as we continue on this captivating journey. Each customer is a part of this journey, and as we grow with them, we will continue to expand and flourish. We thank you for accompanying us on this wonderful adventure.

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